Sanrenmu B4-762 Office Safe Urban EDC Knife

In my search for an office safe, urban EDC knife I’ve come across many knives that scored good on one or two of the criteria I’ve set for an urban everyday carry knife, but so far I’ve seen only one that scored well on all. The Sanrenmu B4-762 is that knife.

*update: The B4-762 and other Sanrenmu knives are no longer available on due to changes Sanrenmu has made regarding the production and distribution of its knives. You might still be able to find them at other online shops that still have some in stock.

Sanrenmu B4-762 urban EDC knife

Let’s first get the basic stuff out of the way that you can also learn browsing the manufacturers website. The Sanrenmu B4-762 is an all metal construction knife with an anodized handle. The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV steel and measures 2.32″ or 59mm long and is 0.085″ or 2.16mm thick. Overall it’s 5.57″ or 144mm long when opened and 3.30″ or 84mm when closed. It weighs 2.72oz or 77g which gives it a solid feel, despite it’s dimensions.

So what is it that makes the B4-762 a great office safe urban EDC knife? First of, when we carry a knife it shouldn’t be obviously visible to anyone that we do. He who doesn’t know doesn’t care, right? Second, when we do use the knife and people see it, it shouldn’t scare anyone.

To measure how a knife scores on its urban office EDC potential I came up with some characteristics to keep in mind: clip (and clip color), overall thickness, carry depth, weight and finally looks. The B4-762 does great on all of them.

Clip color

The B4-762 doesn’t have a clip. In this case that’s a good thing. The reason clip color is important is because it makes the knife stand out or not. No clip means not visible from the outside at all, and that’s great.

Overall thickness.

The B4-762 is only 0.31″ or 8mm thick which makes it pretty much invisible when tucked away inside your pocket. I myself love to keep it in my watch pocket (you know, that small pocket Levis come up with that sits inside your right hand pocket). It simply disappears from view.

Carry depth

A mute point here since it doesn’t have a clip. Not having a clip makes the knife sit in your pocket in its entirety. In this case due to thickness and weight of the B4-762 that works out great.


Your suit or pants tends to sag whenever you have something heavy in your pocket. The lighter the knife the less your pants show that there’s something inside. 2.72oz or 77g is light enough not to show much deforming in suits and none at all when wearing jeans.


In an office environment knifes aren’t very welcome objects. You therefor have to make sure that when people do get to see you knife they aren’t scared by the looks of it. The Sanrenmu B4-762 does very well on that point. It has nice looking rounded and smooth lines. The blade is not aggressively shaped and best of all, the use of color makes it look almost toy like. Together with its smaller overall size it is a friendly looking knife, not at all likely to easily scare anyone.


If you asked me what knife to carry with you to your office job I would definitely mention this great little knife. Not only does it do well in regards to my selection criteria, it’s also just a great knife. It sits nicely in my hand and feels very solid. I can open and close it using one hand, which I’ve noticed does come in handy every now and again. The lock is nice and sturdy and doesn’t have any play in it when engaged and the overall build quality is just phenomenal for such an inexpensive knife.

So, would I EDC carry the Sanrenmu B4-762? Yes, as a matter of fact, it is my urban office EDC knife.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading this far. I’d love to hear what your choice for an urban everyday carry knife is, and especially why, so please leave your comments below and share your thoughts.

Till next time, Kain.

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