TRIDENT-20 Urban Everyday Carry Backpack

The Vanquest TRIDENT-20 is part of what is maybe the best line up of urban EDC backpacks on the market today. It’s of high build quality, has many handy features, takes organisation options to a whole new level and sets the bar for what an elite urban everyday carry backpack should be like.

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Everyday Carry Gear

Overview of everyday carry gear

Everyday Carry Gear is the central theme within the EDC community, what to carry, or not to carry is the question. There are as many different setups as there are EDC junkies and the kind of survival gear you choose is as much a personal choice as it is a logical one.

So what then are you to do when you’re just starting out? What everyday carry gear is the right choice for you?

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The Pelican U145 Urban Everyday Carry Backpack

As you might know already I like to carry a decent size edc backpack with me to work to keep all my tier 2 gear in. Picking the right backpack for that task sounds easier then I found it to be. After a lot of looking around and trying out I happened upon the U145 Urban Tablet Backpack. Now, seven months of hard daily use later it has become my trusted urban everyday carry bag for the urban office environment I live in. During these seven months I got to use and experience it enough to write a good, honest review on it.

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Urban Everyday Carry Knife Philosophy

The underlying theory of everyday carry is one of being prepared and self reliant, what that in effect means concerning the items to carry differs from person to person. One thing we all do agree on though is that at the heart of any EDC kit needs to be an everyday carry knife. Being an urban survival guy, my view on EDC knives is one that keeps the urban setting front and center. You can’t carry the same knife into the office as you can on your ranch.

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My Urban Everyday Carry Bag

Now if you’ve never heard of the concept of an urban everyday carry bag before you might still be able to glean the idea from the name urban everyday carry bag itself. Because it’s exactly what it sounds like, a bag you carry every day. But that’s also pretty much where all clarity ends for …

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