Benchmade 915 Triage Urban Everyday Carry Rescue Knife – In For Review

Benchmade 915 Triage compared to Boker Plus CFR and Extrema Ratio Glauca B1.

The Benchmade 915 Triage came in for review as part of my effort to find the best EDC rescue knife for my elite everyday carry backpack setup a while ago. In case you’ve read my review on the Boker Plus CFR you know already that I’m putting together an elite urban survival backpack with only the best gear for the job. This is my attempt to document my considerations and choices, hoping to help my fellow preppers and survivalist friends in making their own informed choices.

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Boker Plus CFR Urban Everyday Carry Rescue Knife – In For Review

The beauty of the Boker Plus CFR EMT knife exposed

The Boker Plus CFR EMT knife, the Combat First Responder. It came in for review today as part of my effort to find the best emergency responder knife for my elite everyday carry backpack setup.

The idea is simple: put together an urban survival backpack with only the best gear for the job. The Boker Plus CFR is one of only a few knives that could make the cut for best EMT knife. Let’s find out if it will.

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Fallkniven F1 First Impression

Fallkniven F1 survival knife for the urban setting in its sheath

Being focused on urban survival I’m always looking for that cross over product which has proven itself in outdoor survival and is also applicable in a urban, downtown city survival scenario. The Fallkniven F1 is such a product.

It has proven itself to many a woodsman already and it has the characteristics I’m looking for in a survival knife for an urban perspective. So I couldn’t resist any longer and bought me one, let me share my first impressions with you.

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5 Best Survival Tin Knives

Okay, it should really be called “The 5 Best Survival Tin Knives I Ran Across And One Multi Tool. But you can see how that doesn’t really work for a title. I hope you’ll forgive me.

But, to the subject at hand! There is shockingly little information out there on the inter webs on what knives to use in (urban) survival tins. To add to that, practically every survival tin shown on YouTube doesn’t come with a decent knife option. Time, I thought, to list a few great knives that work well in your tin and show them inside one so you can see what’s possible and make an informed choice.

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The Urban Survival Tin Knife Guide

At the hart of your urban survival tin should be a well chosen knife. It’s without a doubt one of the most versatile tools you can carry and likely the most important piece of gear you´ll have on you. And despite the necessarily small size it has due to the constraints of the tin you should be able to use it for tasks such as cutting/slicing, splitting, self-defense, first aid tool, food prep, shelter building, fire making, hunting and prying. So picking an urban survival tin knife is quit an important decision.

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Sanrenmu 913P Urban EDC Survival Folding Knife

The Sanrenmu BG4-913P Urban EDC Survival Folding Knife is a must have when working and living in an urban downtown office type environment. The need to protect yourself and to prepare for incidents and disasters is equally important as when living in a rural area, the only difference is, you can’t carry the same gear. This knife though helps equal the playing field.

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Victorinox Pioneer Swiss Army Pocket Knife Review

Founded in 1884, Victorinox is a knife manufacturer out of Switzerland that is the sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss army. Which is what most of us know them from, Swiss Army Knives. It is definitely what I know them from, having been issued a Victorinox pocket knife when I started my tour …

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