Climate Change – It’s Here, It’s Worse And You’re Not Getting The Whole Story

Why the cheesy headline you ask? Because I need your attention. Because I want to make sure that I at least have tried my best to tell you what’s coming. It is that important. I will make the next paragraph the conclusion of this article instead of waiting till the end like I usually do, just so I know you got at least the most important part.


Prepare for Climate Departure Preppers
Results of Climate Change

The good news is, you still have time to prepare. The bad news: If you don’t take climate science serious, if you decide that you’re not gonna listen to the vast majority of scientists, that you’re going to go with the few climate skeptics still holding out because of big oil money or personal interests, you will find yourself and your family fighting for your existence on the fringes of society. You’ll most likely lose out, perish and become a statistic.

It is that dire.

What you need to do from a preppers perspective is asses what the coming climate change means to you and prepare for it. What is your geological location? Will you only be hit be the food shortages and civil unrest? Or will you also have to take in account that your town or city will be flooded? Know what will happen to your area, prepare, and be the family that survives.

The Consequences Of Climate Change

  • The tropics will bear the brunt of the disastrous temperature increases of as much as seven-degrees-centigrade
  • Millions of people will be displaced, millions of species will be threatened with extinction
  • Major cities such as New York and London (including my home town) will fight to survive the rise in temperatures the likes of which humans have never experienced before
  • Hundreds of millions of global warming refugees will pour illegally across borders
  • Life in parts of the planet will start to be wiped out by climate change within two decades
  • Ecosystems will be destroyed and economies crippled, dealing a blow to global food supplies, experts say.

Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, heavy downpours, floods, and other extreme weather events are projected to become more frequent and intense, with serious consequences for human health and well-being. The impacts of extreme weather events include illness or death as a result of heat stress, injuries, drowning, air and water contamination, and mental health effects.

climate departure drought
The American farmer already feels the pain of drought due to climate change.

You’re just not being told this by CNN or Fox News. Instead they pick the more easy to report on angles that don’t stir up emotions too much and have them scrambling to back up they’re story in the face of concerned citizens. They focus on ‘Humans [being] responsible for climate change‘ or that ‘It’s extremely likely that humans are responsible‘. While it’s maybe nice to know we can blame ourselves for all of this, who really cares in light of all the problems coming down the pipe? Fox News does worst in my opinion, they completely downplay the mounting problems by quoting the report out of context and making intellectual honesty and scientific rigor look like a weakness of the report linklinklink.

When you would get your news from just these outlets then your takeaway might be that there’s nothing to worry about. You’d be falsely led to believe that you can safely keep on trucking in your gasoline guzzling vehicle, sic. You’d also be wrong. And you’d to late to act when you realize you are.

Drought major cause of forest fires
Persistent droughts are a major contributor to inceasing numbers of forest fires in the US

I can’t for the love of me think of a good reason why anybody that read the report published in the journal Nature would decide against letting you know its content. I’m not screaming conspiracy here, the report is after all publicly available for your reading pleasure. I actually thinkthat the reason for not sharing it in it’s entirety is much more mundane than a conspiracy. I think it’s to comfort themselves with the idea that their nicely organized lives will last forever, history is full of examples where people decided to ignore reality because the truth was to hard for them to deal with. Either way,  I suggest you go read the report for yourself. And in full recognition of prepper tradition, keep thinking for yourselves as well.

The Year of Climate Departure for World Cities

One of the core tenants of the report evolves around the concept known as Climate Departure. The term Climate Departure has a very specific, rather startling, meaning. It is the moment when average temperatures, either a specific location or worldwide, become so impacted by climate change that the old climate is left behind. It marks the moment from which point forward it, the climate, will be completely different then is has been. The definition of climate departure is the moment when the average temperature of its coolest year from then on is projected to be warmer than the average temperature of its hottest year between 1960 and 2005. The research on the topic of climate departure is done at the lab of Camilo Mora at the Department of Geography, University of Hawaii. They have made all of the underlying data publicly available via their website.

You can see on the map below at what time in the future you can expect your area to have past the moment of climate departure. An exhaustive list with all countries and most major cities can be found here.


In case you feel the need to investigate more I have the following sources for you as starting points.

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IOPSCIENCE Asynchronous exposure to global warming: freshwater resources and terrestrial ecosystems
National Geographic New Study Predicts Year Your City’s Climate Will Change
Policymic – Climate Change in 2013: 5 Things to Expect in the New Year
The Department of Geography, University of Hawaii – Mora Lab

6 thoughts on “Climate Change – It’s Here, It’s Worse And You’re Not Getting The Whole Story”

  1. I believe you wrote this in 2013? It’s 2016 and we are seeing reports of the coral reefs rapid decay. I downloaded the Nature article and it projects coral reefs to be hit around 2027-2032. What I’ve been reading is that things are speeding up…happening faster than the models ever predicted. Seems like that is true. I agree with you that it doesn’t matter what your political views are or where you get your news. Both sides are doing us a disservice–doesn’t matter who/what is more/less to blame. It’s happening and one should prepare for it. If you are prepping to be in a colder climate, things might be a whole lot warmer. That rainfall you expect to harvest based on historic rates, might not meet your expectations. Be prepared for the possibility!
    Thank you for this post!

  2. Global warming is what happens when the earth comes out of a ice age. Now stop all the boo-hooing and live a good life (and stop worrying about mother nature she is fine only 1% of life has survived the 4 billion years) Life changed before us and it will change after us.

  3. Wow, you wrote this in 2013? Look up what happened in Dominica (the Caribbean country) SHTF due to climate change. Now happening in Puerto Rico. A man before his time!!!


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