Extrema Ratio BF2 CD – Urban Survival Utility Pocket Knife

The Extrema Ratio BF2 CD – Urban Survival Utility Pocket Knife is the utility brother to the Extrema Ratio BF3 Dark Talon that I wrote about in this review.

Made by Extrema Ratio knives this is a true utility EDC folder, delivering the high quality demanded for professional use by military and police personnel into the hands of us urban survivalists.

First The Facts

Total length: 213 mm (8.39″)
Blade length: 82 mm (3.23″)
Cutting edge 87 mm (3.43″)
Blade thickness: 3 mm (0.12″)
Main Grind: Flat

Blade material: N690 Bohler
Blade hardness: 58 HRC
Blade finish: Mil-C-13924 burnishing

Locking mechanism: Liner lock
Weight: 142 g (5.01oz)
Handle: Anticorodal Anodized Aluminum
Knife versions: BF2 CD (Classic Drop) BF2 CT (Classic Tanto)

Manufacturer: Extrema Ratio
Model: BF2 CD

Why The Extrema Ratio BF2 CD?

Strong 3mm thick blade with rounded sheepsfoot like, true utility knife tip.

One thing we can all agree on is that to be well prepared you need to EDC a utility pocket knife. Preferably a knife that is good at everything. A good utility knife, a good rescue knife and when push comes to shove it would also be great if it had some strong tactical characteristics as well.

And from the perspective of urban survival it would be supreme when that package came urban, downtown office environment ready. Unfortunately I haven’t found a knife encompassing all that, yet.

So what I advocate is not to EDC one, but two knifes. One for everyday utility tasks and one for tactical carry. The BF3 and BF2 complement each other beautifully and make great companion knives for dual carry in an urban, downtown office type setting.

Extrema Ratio Basic Folders (BF) are strong, capable, well sized folders that belong to some of the very best folders on the market. So does the Extrema Ratio BF2 CD, just check the facts again listed above. Coupled with the excellent design, superb material choices and, dare I say, the highest build quality on the market, this knife definitely deserves to be part of your elite everyday carry setup.

Handle & Ergonomics

Extrema Ratio knives are recognizable by their trademark handles. These are the result of a unique cooperation with the Facoltà di Scienze Motorie of the University of Perugia, which loosely translates to the faculty of the science of ergonomics.

Ergonomics is about designing for people to ensure that designs complement the strengths and abilities of people and minimizes the effects of their limitations, rather than forcing them to adapt. Applying that science to knife grips is a brilliant combo and thus it is only logical that the excellence chasing Extrema Ratio and the University of Perugia developed a special handle together called ERMH (Extrema Ratio Multipurpose Handle). You’re looking at the result.

High quality and comfortable handle

The handle is made out of black anodized anticorodal aluminum with strong non-corrosive properties and is cut to comfortably fit the your hand, helping in maintaining a secure grip even under wet, sweaty or bloody conditions. This being a utility pocket knife makes that you probably won’t ever stab someone, but in case you end up doing so anyway you can rest assured that this handle provides a good amount of grip.

A small, well placed and effective finger guard keeps our index finger from slipping onto the blade during normal operations. To the rear you’ll find that the rear quillon forms into a small ‘pull assist’, meant to assist you in pulling the knife out of whatever it is lodged into, also aiding in the overall grip on the knife.

It’s not just the scales that are made of top notch material. All other handle components are made of the same material of the blades, Bohler N690 – 58 HRC Stainless Cobalt Steel, making this a best of class handle.

The handle is assembled using an open flow through or pillar construction and houses a strong leaf spring for the liner lock.

Extrema Ratio BF2 CD Pocket Clip & Carry dept

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is the kind of clip I want to see on all my pocket knives! A nice, deep carrying clip that fully conceals your knife.

A true deep carry pocket clip like no other

Carry depth is extremely important in an urban survival, downtown office type environment as you do not want your coworkers to know that you carry. Most understand nor appreciate it and equate knife carrying with something reserved for nutcases and right wing extremist, or at least that’s my experience. Besides scaring your colleagues there are company regulations concerning the creation of a safe office environment. A lot of companies do not appreciate you carrying because of that and will ask you to leave your knives at home. So in short it’s best to avoid unwanted attention. The Extrema Ratio BF2 CD deep carry pocket clip takes care of that part.

The pocket clip is forged from the same N690 Bohler steel as the blade is and is held in place with three screws. It can be switched around for enabling left hand carry. It is tip up carry only which makes sense as one handed opening when carrying tip down is nigh impossible.

Extrema Ratio has the best deep carry clips.

There’s one thing I would change though, and that’s the size of the clip. When comparing it to the BF3 you can see that it is quite a bit larger on the Extrema Ratio BF2 CD. This might make sense from an aesthetic standpoint as the slightly beefier BF2 ‘needs’ a bigger clip.

But I can’t think of another reason. The difference in size, as you can see in the picture to the left, is in length only, not in width or thickness. Nor is the way the clip is attached to the knife stronger because of this length difference. So to me, a guy looking for the best concealing deep carry clip, the BF3 clip should be used for the BF2. Maybe Extrema Ratio can send me one  so I can swap them out myself.

Extrema Ratio BF2 CD Blade

The blade is a serious 0.12″ (3 mm) thick and 3.23″ (82 mm) long razor sharp drop point blade. The cutting edge sweeps up quite strongly making a more rounded tip than I’m used to seeing on a drop point. The drop point is gently arcing from the handle with a sloping spine ending in a pretty thick, sharp tip. You’ll find no gimping on the spine as the handle is large enough to fully accommodate even my larger hands. The cutting edge is flat up to the three quarters of the blade where it starts to sweep up into the tip. This blade profile is perfect for your typical everyday carry utility pocket knife.

The blade is made out of N690 Bohler steel, one of the best conventionally produced stainless knife steels. It has great corrosion resistance and excellent edge holding capabilities. Additions of chromium and vanadium enhance edge holding capability, while cobalt and carbon help to retain high hardness. For the BF2 CD blade it has been hardened to 58HRC, advised for the maximum toughness with this type of steel.

Two dual ambidextrous thumb studs are placed near the rivet for deployment of the blade. Neither stud protrudes the profile of the knife, making for a smoother operation as there is nothing catching your pocket when taking it out. For quick deployment of the blade a flick of the wrist is needed when using the thumb studs. Otherwise it’s a smooth, single hand opening blade. Friction can be easily tuned by adjusting the flat head pivot nut. The blade is held in to place by two washers.

The blade blocking mechanism is the well known and effective liner lock, in this case assisted by a manually activated security mechanism protected by a “carter”. You are not required to use the secondary to operate the knife. I’ve used the BF2 CD as my utility pocket knife last weekend for building a tarp shelter doing tasks as cutting 550 paracord and cutting the twigs of branches or pointing sticks.

Not in all cases I felt it necessary to engage the secondary lock, only when used it for working wood I did so. Operation is easy. You open the knife, the liner locks engages automatically and then you slide the red leaf of the secondary lock to the Lock position and you’re done. What that does is block the liner lock from disengaging.

So it’s not actually a whole second lock system, it simply stops the leaf of the liner lock from moving out of the way of the blade and thus disengaging the liner lock.

The pictures below clearly show the red stopper when the secondary lock is engaged, keeping the liner lock from disengaging.

The fit ‘n finish and build quality of all Extrema Ratio knives, this one included, is superb. When checking for things like blade play you’ll notice the craftsmanship that went into them right away. In the case of blade play you’ll find there is none.

Final Thoughts on the Extrema Ratio BF2 CD

In short, I find the Extrema Ratio BF2 CD to be an overall great everyday carry utility pocket knife. It’s the right size, it’s very well build and made of high quality material. That coupled with a great fit and finish make this one of the better EDC knives you can get.

Of course we can go into hour long debates on the question if you would actually EDC it or not. And that’s fair. Everyone’s use case and purpose of carry differs. You can carry different setups. You could carry just one blade and that’s it or you could carry two or more. Maybe you have an EMT need for the knife. It all depends.

This knife can work within most every kind of setup you prefer. Single carry utility blade, dual carry where it takes up the utility tasks, backup or secondary carry blade in your backpack. It fits all these rolls.

Dual carry setup with BF2 CD for utility and BF3 Black Talon for tactical uses.

Most important thing is that this knife is a high quality knife. And what I mean by that is that it will be there for you. It won’t crap out on you. It’s tough and durable, you’ll be looking at this knife 30 years from now still loving it, it’s that good.

So in my search for high quality items to build my elite everyday carry backpack the Extrema Ratio BF2 CD deserves a strong recommendation. It fits the bill perfectly.

That’s it for now, my review of the Extrema Ratio BF2 CD ends here for me. I do however want to know your ideas about high quality everyday carry and your thoughts on this knife. So don’t hesitate and leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading this far, ’till next time. Kain.

2 thoughts on “Extrema Ratio BF2 CD – Urban Survival Utility Pocket Knife”

  1. Just curious, what kind of pants do you wear? For cargo shorts/pants I can see carrying both, but in jeans I find it hard to find knives that fit well in pockets. I don’t really like pocket clips for the same reason you gave for wanting a shorter pocket clip, conceal-ability.

    • Aha! That is a good question and I should have addressed that point better, thanks for asking. I had that in mymind, but somehow it didn’t end up in the write up.

      I wear jeans, almost exclusively. Check out the picture on the BF3 post, my favorite jeans on there :). And yes, two knives in one pocket is a terrible idea. Dual carry, or EDC-ing two knives as I do it means interchanging knives during the day. One knife is in my pocket while the other is part of my near person gear, ie. in my backpack. This is how I do it. When I leave the house my backpack or day pack has either a utility knife or an EMT / Rescue knife in it. In my pocket I got the BF3. While driving the bag sits next to me with the EMT or Utility knife easily accessible when needed (In case I have the car full with passengers I take out the EMT knife and put in the car’s center console organizer). I take public transport 50% of the time, and the way I do this is the same. One knife in my backpack, the other in my pocket. When I get to the office I change them out. I got a locker that fits my backpack, so I put the BF3 in my backpack that sits in the locker and I carry the utility knife on me.

      It’s a little much maybe. But traveling for 3 hours on public transport every day, going through area’s that aren’t the best in the world I want to have a tactical blade ready. Not that I’m looking to use it, I’ll run before I fight. But still. This way works very well for me.


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