Leatherman Micra Review: The Urban Altoids Survival Tin Multi Tool

Building my Urban Survival Tin I’m taking a slightly different approach then is usual. Since this tin is what you’re supposed to carry on you every day, and all day it’s going to be with you for mostly just the quiet days. Opposed to the three or four turbulent, shtf, wrol, people are trying to kill you, get out of dodge, run, hide and survive days that might come someday in the future.

So, knowing that, I’m looking at my urban survival tin as more of a social support kit, which needs to get me out of those tiny social emergencies more then out of that one big disaster.

Does that mean that I completely ignore the fact that their will be a day that S will HTF? No, I’m not. For that day I got my urbanized Every Day Carry (EDC) with me. But more on that another day.

Here’s the review I placed on Youtube.

If you found this review helpful and you would want one yourself I’d be honored if you use the link provided here. It is an affiliate link, so if you decide to use it I will get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. In case you do, let me just thank you in advance. I really appreciate it, thank you for doing so.

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The urban survival guy; preparing for disaster, starting with the tiny ones.

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