The Urban Survival Tin Knife Guide

At the hart of your urban survival tin should be a well chosen knife. It’s without a doubt one of the most versatile tools you can carry and likely the most important piece of gear you´ll have on you. And despite the necessarily small size it has due to the constraints of the tin you should be able to use it for tasks such as cutting/slicing, splitting, self-defense, first aid tool, food prep, shelter building, fire making, hunting and prying. So picking an urban survival tin knife is quit an important decision.

Ever since I build my own urban survival tin I’ve been looking for a good knife to go with it. There are a few knives out there that both fit in a tin and are build well enough to trust your survival on. I’ve used several ones myself and decided that, since there aren’t any comparative sources that could really help me compare small knives, I would make one myself for you to enjoy.

The Urban Survival Tin Knife Guide will help you find your knife. Buying a survival tin knife isn’t as easy as you might expect. Granted, there isn’t as much choice as with regular knifes, but the differences are there and they’re big enough to require you to think carefully about which one to choose. Think about what it is you want and let the The Urban Survival Tin Knife Guide below help you decide which one is best for you. The chart allows you to compare knives based on a variety of factors.

You can scroll left and right by simply clicking the guide once and then use the arrow keys.

ManufacturerModelBlade length mmOpen length mmClosed length mmWeight gramsLocking MechanismBlade StyleOpenerBlade SteelHandle MaterialClip

661639151MonolockClip PointEnlarged Nail Opener8Cr14MoVStainless SteelTip Down

SpydercoGrasshopper Slipit SS
591287039Slip jointClip PointRound Hole8Cr13MoVStainless Steelno clip

GerberSTL 2.5
661528643Frame LockDrop PointFinger Nail hole7Cr17MoVStainless Steelno clip

CRKTRitter RSK Mk5
44969626-Drop Point-3Cr13MoVStainless Steelno clip

--9285-Spear PointNail NotchX50CrMOAluminiumno clip

Bear GryllsCompact Scout Knife
641478440Lock BackDrop PointNail NotchHigh Carbon StainlessStainless Steelno clip

GerberParaframe Mini561527840Frame LockClip PointNail NotchHigh Carbon StainlessStainless SteelTip Down

DermasafeFirst Aid IFAK Folding Utility Survival Knife
51758--Nail NotchShaving quality stainless steel Plasticno clip